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Clicking a link in MS Word document doesn’t work

Weird issue, I still don’t know what caused it:

I have an MS Word document that has a link (to a website).  The link is to a page on my company’s INTRAnet.  When you click on the link, you’re (somehow) first brought to an authentication page, which redirects to the final page.  This authentication page was giving the error.  But if I copied-and-pasted the URL directly into the browser, it worked.  I don’t think that MS Word was adding in additional special characters (causing the error) – but there was something with the browser detecting the source (MS Word vs copy/paste) that determined how the authentication should be processed.

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Embed Excel document in Word

Insert >> Object >> Create From File >> select file, click checkbox for “display as icon”

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MS Word select everything in VBA

In MS Word, I needed to select “everything” using VBA.  I recorded a macro and hit “Ctrl + A” to “select all”.  Here’s the code it generated:


… and that did the trick!

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Fix the margins and Paragraph Indentation in Microsoft Word

I was confronted with an MS Word document where the margins weren’t correct.  Specifically, paragraph indents weren’t correct.  I tried all the “normal” ways to fix it, but what I ended up doing was copying the entire document (it was text-only) into Notepad.  This will remove all the formatting.


From Notepad, re-copy it into (a new) Word document, and that fixed it.

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single spacing in ms word

In Work MS Office 2007, it’s by default double-spaced. Here’s how to get it back to the original:

  1. Right click in the document where you would type, select “paragraph.”
  2. Under “Indents and Spacing” tab (selected by default)
  3. Under “Spacing” section, have both “Before” and “After” say “0pt”
  4. Change “Line Spacing” to “Single”
  5. At the bottom, next to “Ok,” click “Default”
  6. You will be prompted to change the “normal template” – click “Yes”

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Unable to edit form in MS Word

A coworker was using Word in MS Office 2010 and was trying to enter data in a form.  It was in a “form” data field, and it was somehow locked such that they couldn’t edit the contents.  I tried clicking “in” the text data field, and couldn’t.

Solution: I clicked right before the form started (next to the text label, which was editable), and was able to use the arrow keys to navigate INTO the form data field, so that I could type.


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VBA to format Tables in MS Word

A coworker had to format LOTS of tables in an MS Word document.  I recorded a macro, and then he made the code to loop through every table in a MS Word document, formatting it as necessary:


Sub formatAllTables()
For Each t In ActiveDocument.Tables
t.PreferredWidthType = wdPreferredWidthPoints
t.PreferredWidth = InchesToPoints(10.5)
Next t

MsgBox “DONE”, vbOKOnly

End Sub


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MS Word 2007 Locked form

There was a document that appeared to be “locked” in MS Word 2007.  You could only  enter in data where there were “fields”.  I was asked how to edit the labels / other content.

In the “Review” ribbon tab, click “Protect Document” and then check-off “Restrict Formatting and Editing”.  Once you do, a new panel will come up on the right.  Click “Stop Protection”.


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