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NativeScript iOS Pre-Publishing error

I got this error:

“Code signing is required for product type ‘Application’ in SDK ‘iOS 10.3′”

The trick was to re-run the “build” (and prepare) commands:


tns platform remove ios

tns platform add ios

tns build ios
tns build ios –release
tns prepare ios
THEN you’ll see the screen where you can specify the signing.
Also in the warnings, in “Update to Recommended Settings”, click the button for “Perform Changes”.
… Don’t re-run in XCode the emulator / on your phone or else it’ll disappear.
I haven’t figured out yet if doing a Clean + Build will mess things up or not…
But I’m really enjoying NativeScript!

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I just switched from an Android to an iPhone

The first thing I wanted to do was set up my Contacts.  I had managed my contact in Gmail/Google Contacts.  I put people into “Groups” (labels).  I ignored the “My Contacts” (default label) and created two custom ones: “Show” and “Hide”.  Obviously “Show” is people I want to see in my phone; “Hide” is for people who I want to keep their number, incase they text me it would display a name – but I don’t want to see those people all the times when I compose a new message / make a phone call.
I couldn’t figure it out.  I ended up re-setting my iPhone because in the “setup” process  there is a step for “Import from Android” (that I missed seeing the first time).
What I ended up doing was going into the Google Contact Manager and exporting two separate lists in the vCard format.  Then (on my dekstop), I went to iCloud and create the two groups, and imported the two lists (separately).
Then in the iPhone settings, I went into Contacts and will manage which group appears under “iCloud” – not under “Gmail.”

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