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I just switched from an Android to an iPhone

The first thing I wanted to do was set up my Contacts.  I had managed my contact in Gmail/Google Contacts.  I put people into “Groups” (labels).  I ignored the “My Contacts” (default label) and created two custom ones: “Show” and “Hide”.  Obviously “Show” is people I want to see in my phone; “Hide” is for people who I want to keep their number, incase they text me it would display a name – but I don’t want to see those people all the times when I compose a new message / make a phone call.
I couldn’t figure it out.  I ended up re-setting my iPhone because in the “setup” process  there is a step for “Import from Android” (that I missed seeing the first time).
What I ended up doing was going into the Google Contact Manager and exporting two separate lists in the vCard format.  Then (on my dekstop), I went to iCloud and create the two groups, and imported the two lists (separately).
Then in the iPhone settings, I went into Contacts and will manage which group appears under “iCloud” – not under “Gmail.”

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