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FileZilla download adds extra blank lines

I’m using FileZilla as my FTP client.  When I download some of my files (text-based files; specifically, with a .php extension), an extra blank row was added throughout the file.

The solution was to update:

Edit >> Settings >> Transfers >> file Types >> change “default transfer type” to binary.

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Sublime Text SFTP can’t validate remote folder

I have the SFTP plugin for SublimeText.

I’m able to connect to the FTP server, but it won’t validate the remote folder.  After a couple of tries, I get the error: “Multiple disconnection errors, giving up”.  I tried shutting down SublimeText and even restarting, but that didn’t work.

There were 2 things I did to solve this problem; not sure which one actually fixed it:

  1. I downloaded the non-64 bit version (even though I’m on a 64-bit computer
  2. When the Windows Firewall came up, I allowed it to access over a public hotspot.  I’m using a desktop connected by ethernet, so I knew it wouldn’t make a difference.

I’m guessing it was the first one that solved the problem.


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Automated recording steps to reproduce a problem on a Windows computer

A coworker preface this as “Microsoft always includes cool stuff that they don’t tell you about.”  I’m on Windows 7; I can only assume it’s on prior versions of Windows.

Next time you have to document steps to diagnose a problem you can try this.
Start >> Search >> “problem steps recorder” >> select “Record steps to reproduce a problem
Of course, then you can start recording and hit the stop button when complete.
It’s not a complete screen capture that records video – but the final result is a ZIP file that has a MHT file in there that shows a step-by-step instructions – with screen shots – of what you did; and then there’s additional notes at the end of the file.


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Password protect Android phone depending on location

For years I didn’t bother with a password on my smartphone (I’m using an Android).  I decided to put a password on.  I was hoping to find an app that would allow me to not have to put in the password when I’m home (and connected to my Wi-Fi).  But when I was away (ex. at work), I wanted a password.  I used two Android Apps: “Tasker” and “Secure Settings”.  Tasker cost $3, but it seems to be worth it.  I was given this article which walked me through how to password protect my Android phone depending on my location.

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how long does it take for Apple to approve an iPhone/iPad app in the itunes store?

I finished my iOS (iPhone/iPad) app!  I submitted it to the Apple store, and had to just wait.  The app goes through various phases (“Waiting for Review,”  “In Review,” and finally, “Ready For Sale”).

How long did it take?  As of late March 2014: about a week.  I submitted it on a Thursday night and then it was “Ready for Sale” the following Wednesday.  (While writing this, I was thinking if I had to account for weekends, but I suppose it’s all relative: if you submitted it on a Monday, you’d still probably have to wait a week).  Granted, I do not know the schedule of the Apple employees who have to review it.

Once it did get approved, Apple says it could take 24 hours for it to actually appear in the store.  I don’t really have a benchmark for how long it actually takes; I’m just constantly refreshing the iTunes Link Maker to see when my app appears.

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Decipher complicated passwords – TPAM – update

I previously wrote (complained) about the complicated password that’s needed for TPAM.  A coworker gave me a solution:

Download KeePass (if you can’t install it, get the portable version of KeePass).  When you first open it up, you’ll need to create a “keepass library” – just put in a password you’ll remember.

Then create a new entry.  Put your password in the “username” part.

Then in the Remote Terminal, where you normally can’t copy/paste… in the KeePass app, right click your entry and select “Perform Auto-Type” (Ctrl + Y).

What a big help; thanks Nate!

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