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arduino starter project #1 doesn’t work

I just got the “Arduino Starter Project” and going through the book that came with it.  I haven’t dealt with Amps and Volts and Ohms since high school (~15 years), so this whole thing is very new to me.

I got stuck on the very first project, which you can imagine is frustrating.  But I think it’s a reflection on the book (vs my reading skills).  I did a search and saw a YouTube video where there were some extra wires that were in the picture (page 26) but not in the instructions on page  27 (as: the instructions were not explicit enough).

The trick is that you need 2 other wires (that are pictured on 26) to make a circuit (i.e.  the “circle” – connecting everything together like a race car track).  If you follow the picture noting that one wire goes from the  Ground to the main area… and then for the the part where that wire ends up – in that same row that’s where you place one leg of the LED.

Then you have another (red) wire that “connects” (i.e. it’s in the same row as) the LED on one side and the switch.  While you’re at it, make sure that one leg of the Resistor and the switch are in the same row.

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